This initiative is about building trust amongst the members of our community and learning that if we all join together and have civil dialogue about our future desires and current issues, we can create a strong society that will thrive and grow.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Let your VOICE be heard.

VOICE aims to bring together any and all members of our community in facilitator-led group discussions to capture, draw out, and carry forward a broad range of ideas and visions for the future. These sessions allow for fun and inspiring conversations about the hopes and dreams we have for Evansville. VOICE will ensure that all opinions will be shared, documented, and made available to the public. This is a chance for everyone in the community to take part in creating a desired future. It takes all of us!




Markus and Coreen Christel are already working on many of the ideas discussed during Tuesday night’s “flower pot” meeting on brainstorming ideas and a plan for developing green space in Evansville.


In this segment, The Trend’s new host Cass Herrington digs around Evansville’s history to find context for local attitudes toward change and developments.

First, David Coker sets the stage with an expose of Evansville’s manufacturing heyday. Coker has written extensively about the automotive history of Evansville and Southern Indiana for the Courier and Press and several publications.

History lives on at a local watering hole, Lamasco Bar and Grill. Owner Amy Word talks about the significance of the name, “Lamasco,” which was initially a separate township from the city of Evansville. Word is also the president of the Franklin Street Events Association, a coalition of local businesses that is striving to breathe new life and development into the West Side of town. 

Finally, Executive Director of Leadership Evansville Lynn Miller-Pease will round out the conversation by sharing the visions and dreams for the future of Evansville. Miller-Pease represents VOICE, which conducted 32 brainstorming sessions across town to record and analyze Evansville residents’ wishes for the future.




VOICE is an Evansville community organization giving residents an opportunity to express their vision of the city's future.  
Today, Evansville leaders unveil a research project about the good and bad parts of Evansville. The VOICE project asked people across the city at several public meetings about how the city can be better.